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Austria Praemix, as your reliable partner in the agricultural sector for Albania and Kosovo, brings a rich portfolio of projects with innovative, efficient solutions and European products, certified, guaranteeing successful farm management and a high standard of living for farmers and traders.Our commitment to farmers and producers is best expressed in long-term relationships with our partners in Austria and Germany, leaders in the agricultural sector.

Food industry

We already have many years of experience and also we represent EU companies for milk processing, cheese production; companies for slaughtering, meat processing, sausage production.

Metal industry

Due to our welding courses, we have built up a large number of representatives for this area such as welding machine for different processes, metal presses, cutters etc.

Plastic industry

In this area, we represent some renowned companies that operate all over the world. We offer a comprehensive range of raw materials, processing technologies and also waste recycling possibilities.

Wood industry

In this area, we have been active for many years. We offer from raw wood, laminate wood to prefabricated wood houses. Woodworking machines and other supplies for wood processing can be supplied through international companies.

Water and Construction industry

In this area, we represent companies for the gravel extraction, ready-mixed concentrate production and everything that is needed in the construction such as elevators, mixers, scaffolds and formwork panels.

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