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Construction Challenge

Appropriate solutions for virtually every construction challenge in every industry sector combining the functional part and protection for your projects. We proudly represent the top companies in the industry for lifts materials, cranes, transporting platforms and protection systems for projects. With a focus on quality and reliability, we provide access to the most advanced solutions to meet your needs in construction sites, heavy industries and facades. We ensure your projects not only excel in functionality but also prioritize safety against lightning strikes.

Our Products



With their flexibility and versatility, our solutions can handle virtually every construction challenge they are faced with. The products can be easily used for: Interior/Exterior Scaffolding: construction; Solar; Roofer; Windows; Building contractor; Furniture removal


Capitalize on our extensive experience working with top manufacturers and engineering, procurement, and construction entities, we develops durable vertical access solutions that effectively enhance productivity of work on different areas of heavy industry such as: Mining; Bridges & Tunnels; Ports; Warehouse/ Logistic


There are various disciplines involved in facade work, including cleaning, new construction, and renovations. Regardless of the specific requirements set by the architecture, structural considerations, or weather conditions, we offer comprehensive solutions for all exterior facade projects


The solutions that we offer are products in compliance with the lightning protection standard NFC 17-102:2011 and certified in accredited laboratories. Included here are: E.S.E Lightning Conductors; Testers; SLSCs; LED Beacon; Earthing materials.

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