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Since 2000, ALMAKO has focused on the agricultural sector, with a focus on livestock, breeding and animal feed production. So far we have conducted more than 150 seminars in the agricultural sector.

The focus was initially on the cattle sector, which was later expanded to the chicken, broiler and pig sectors. Every year we have brought to Albania more than 3,000 grazing cows, more than 700,000 chickens and together with the Schaumann company, we are very active in the field of food ration formulation. More than 10 years ago, we brought to Albania the modern production of silage with probiotics instead of salt preservation.Our principle is to promote the development of agriculture according to EU standards. Therefore our employees are often trained in Austria and we have also conducted many training courses. For 15 years, QFPB has offered over 2,000 direct consultations on farms, for veterinarians and consultants in all regions of Albania and Kosovo. The provision of best practices in the field of animal husbandry is supported and realized by experts and referents from Austria and Germany.In the period 2005-2010, ALMAKO realized a project in the field of Agriculture in Albania, in cooperation with the Austrian Development Agency. It was then that the “Center for professional training of livestock breeders – QFPB” was created, which offers training in the region, held by international experts in the relevant fields.

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